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Scalp Micropigmentation Expert in Queens!

We are quite excited to announce that we have put together packages for men and women's scalp pigmentation and we are now starting to schedule consultations with out clients!

What is this and why is this so exciting, you ask?

Remember when Laser removal first came out? Only years later, did it become mainstream and affordable for anyone interested.. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the art of adding safe pigment to a shallow depth in the scalp which is semi-permanent. The technician adds dots or small marks to mimic the look of hair follicles in areas where hair is thinning, receding or where scars or something else is preventing hair growth.

It is an affordable way to add the look of density and thickness without committing to hair grafts or transplants. No surgery - and for most people, it's such an AMAZING outcome!

Come one, come all! Women with alopecia, or thinning hair- men with pattern baldness, we can discuss options with everyone.

(Our expert is a Master Barber and is trained and licensed by NYS so this truly will be an #artofthebarber process.. )

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